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Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Draft 30% Deliverables

Executive Summary

Final Draft – Executive Summary Report

Alternative 1 Base Design, 30 percent Basis of Design

Base Design Report

Appendix A: Sediment Budget

Appendix B: Navigation Ship Simulation

Appendix C: Channel Lining

Appendix D: CTB Pump Station Outfall

Appendix E: Bridge Type Foundation

Appendix F: Access to Project

Appendix G: Specifications

Appendix H: Probably Construction Cost

Civil Drawings

Vol. 1 – General Civil Sitework

Vol. 2 – Diversion Structure

Vol. 3 – Cheniere Traverse Bayou Pump Station

Vol. 4 – Roadway and Bridge Plans

Vol. 5 – Railroad Design

Geotechnical Report

Geotechnical Report – 30% Basis of Design

Appendix A: Seepage Analysis

Appendix B: Slope Stability Analysis

Appendix C: Settlement Memorandum

Appendix D: Recommendations

Appendix E: Wall Pressures

Geotechnical Data Report

Geotechnical Data Report for 30% Design – Draft with Appendices

Desktop Study Report of Existing Geotechnical Data

Geotechnical Baseline Report for 30% Design

Appendix A: Reference Information

Appendix B: Quality Control, Safety and Other Plans

Appendix C: Field Exploration – River

Appendix D: Field Exploration – Land

Appendix E:  Field Exploration – Marsh

Appendix F: Laboratory Testing Results – River

Appendix G: Laboratory Testing Results – Land

Appendix H: Laboratory Testing Results – Marsh

Appendix I: Consolidation Test Data

Appendix J: Standard Penetration Test Hammer Calibration Results

Appendix K: Report Limitations and Guidelines for Use

Modeling Report

Hydraulic Report

Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion Report (Draft)

Value Engineering

Value Engineering Report – 30% Basis of Design

Appendix A: Opinion of Probable Construction Cost Memorandum

Appendix B: Geotechnical Evaluation of Retaining Wall Concepts Memorandum

Appendix C: Feasibility Evaluation of an Inverted Siphon Memorandum

Appendix D: Geotechnical Considerations

Independent Technical Review

Final Draft

Final Draft Appendices


Additional Resources

Policy and Procedural Guidance for Processing Requests to Alter US Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Projects