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2023 Coastal Master Plan


The 2023 Coastal Master Plan will build upon previous master plan efforts and strive to ensure that the collective effects of project investments reduce storm surge-based flood risk to communities, provide habitats to support an array of commercial and recreational activities, and support infrastructure critical to the working coast. This will be achieved by harnessing natural processes, focusing protection on key assets, and adapting to changing coastal conditions.


Below is a brief summary of key activities and milestones for the 2023 Coastal Master Plan:

  • Shared predictive modeling-related updates to the website:
    • Webinars and pre-recorded presentations posted to the Outreach page
    • Model improvement recommendations and model summary update reports to the Technical Resources page
  • Updated and refined the Landscape (ICM), Storm Surge (ADCIRC) & Waves (SWAN), and Risk Assessment (CLARA) models
  • Incorporated the best available data to update and refine the environmental and risk scenarios
  • Improved the plan development process by having multiple project solicitation periods and seeking advisory group input earlier in the master plan process


Below is a brief summary of key activities for the 2023 Coastal Master Plan currently underway with input from advisory groups:

  • Conducting landscape and candidate project model runs and QA/QC of initial model output
  • Revising design elements of the 2023 Coastal Master Plan including improvements to document layout and updating maps and other data visualizations
  • Continue outreach and engagement efforts related to the 2023 Coastal Master Plan


For questions or to provide any feedback, please fill out the contact form. Thank you for your interest in protecting and restoring our coast!