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2023 Coastal Master Plan

The 2023 Coastal Master Plan aims to preserve coastal Louisiana’s rich culture, ecosystems, and natural resources threatened by ongoing land loss and flood risk. It is part of a larger, ongoing effort led by CPRA to adapt Louisiana’s coast in the face of future environmental change.

The 2023 Coastal Master Plan is the fourth plan developed by the state to achieve comprehensive coastal restoration and risk reduction goals. As approved by the Louisiana Legislature, this plan directs the state’s coastal activities. It guides billions of dollars of investment in the design, implementation, and operation of large-scale restoration and risk reduction projects.

Executive Summary for the 2023 Coastal Master PlanEnglish  French  Spanish  Vietnamese

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Building on the capabilities and advancements of previous plans, the 2023 Coastal Master Plan includes efforts to improve project development and evaluation; incorporate the best available science to refine tools and analyses; collaborate with federal, state, and local governments, academia, and NGO partners; and effectively engage stakeholders.


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