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A Changing Landscape

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Louisiana is in the midst of a land loss crisis that has claimed nearly 2,000 square miles of land since the 1930s, and a scientific analysis confirmed that without action, we could lose up to another 3,000 square miles under the 2023 Coastal Master Plan higher environmental scenario over the next 50 years.

Barrier islands, marshes, and swamps throughout our coast reduce incoming storm surge, helping to reduce flooding impacts. If we continue to lose these habitats, the vulnerability of communities and infrastructure will increase substantially.

In addition, our flood protection systems will become more vulnerable as the land around them erodes. Without action, our estimated damage from flooding will increase from an average of $15.2 billion annually up to an average of approximately $24.3 billion annually.

Given the importance of so many of south Louisiana’s assets — our waterways, natural resources, unique culture, and wetlands — the effects of this additional land loss and the increased risk of flooding would be catastrophic. We must take bold action now before it’s too late.

To learn more about what coastal Louisiana’s landscape could look like in the future, both with and without the Coastal Master Plan, visit the Master Plan Data Viewer.