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What’s At Stake

Click the image to explore the story of Louisiana’s Working Coast.

Working Coast

Nearly two million people reside in the area we call America’s Wetland, many of whom have made their lives and livelihoods in close proximity to Louisiana’s coast. Our wetlands act as a buffer to protect these citizens and their cherished communities from storm surge.

Additionally, Louisiana plays a vital role in the economic infrastructure of America, with our ports carrying 20 percent of all US waterborne commerce, providing 26 percent (by weight) of commercial fisheries landings, and supplying 18 percent of our nation’s oil. The impact to our nation’s energy and economic security will be devastating if we fail to act.

Louisiana’s wetlands also provide winter habitat for more than five million migratory waterfowl and offers stopover habitat for millions of neotropical migratory birds.

The coast’s intrinsic value, as a working coast, home to millions of citizens, and natural habitats makes it one of the nation’s most unique and valuable landscapes.