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Our Plan

Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan

Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the Louisiana Legislature created the CPRA and tasked it with coordinating the local, state, and federal efforts to achieve comprehensive coastal protection and restoration. To accomplish these goals, CPRA was charged with developing a master plan to guide our work toward a sustainable coast.

Developed using the best available science and engineering, the master plan focuses our efforts and guides the actions needed to sustain our coastal ecosystem, safeguard coastal populations, and protect vital economic and cultural resources.

Additionally, the master plan provides the context needed to evaluate other activities in the coastal zone, including: transportation, navigation, and port projects; oil and gas development; ground water management and land use planning.

The master plan is much more than just a plan. It is the guiding document of CPRA and our efforts to protect and restore the Louisiana coast, built on a solid foundation of scientific and engineering principles.

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