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Modeling Update Webinars

Over the course of the plan development process, CPRA held a series of webinars focused specifically on the technical updates and the modeling effort.

Technical Modeling Update Webinar#1

(6/16/2020) The first webinar was held to provide a more in-depth and technical discussion of the overall modeling process and to lay a technical foundation for future 2023 Coastal Master Plan modeling discussions. To download the webinar’s corresponding presentation slides, please click here. The webinar is featured below.

As the webinar is 3 hours, please find below the list of presented topics with the corresponding times that mark when each topic’s presentation begins. Please note that each presentation topic is followed by Q&A.

Introduction – starts 00:00:41
Integrated Compartment Model (ICM) – starts 00:09:24

    • ICM Hydro – starts 00:16:08
    • ICM-Wetland Processes and Vegetation – starts 00:51:28
    • ICM-Barrier Island Model – starts 01:21:40
    • ICM-Habitat Suitability Indices (HSIs) – starts 01:26:25
    • ICM-Boundary Conditions, Landscape Data, & Model Calibration and Validation – starts 01:30:58

Storm Surge and Waves Modeling – starts 01:41:51
Risk Assessment – starts 02:18:35
Next Steps – starts 03:00:54