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Future Without Action

6_Future Without Action- Land Loss

Because Louisiana’s coast is a dynamic, ever changing system, the conditions 50 years from now will be different from those today. There are many unknowns that will affect the coast such as subsidence, sea level rise, future hurricanes, and more. Given these uncertainties, the most accurate way to evaluate the effects of projects in the master plan is to compare them against a future landscape that could occur without the plan. To capture this comparison, we investigated what we called “Future Without Action” conditions for the next 50 years.

For instance, the Future Without Action land change maps above illustrate the coastal landscape if we do nothing further to protect and restore the coast. To better capture the range of possible future conditions, the master plan developed three environmental scenarios – Low, Medium, and High – that took into consideration different environmental and climate variables.

For additional information on the environmental scenarios, please see Chapter 2 of Appendix C: Modeling.

To learn more about what coastal Louisiana’s landscape could look like in a Future Without Action, visit the Master Plan Data Viewer.

7_Future Without Action- Flood Depths