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State of the Coast 2014 Presentations

Kyle Graham — CPRA: Where We Have Been, Where We Are Headed

Wednesday, March 19

Planning for Large River Diversions II

Freeman, Angelina – Development of Models and Tools for Planning for Sediment Diversions in a System Context

Community Resilience

Saucier, Melanie — CPRA Coastal Community Resiliency Program

Living Shorelines

Curole, Glen — Evaluating the Shoreline Protection Functioning of Three Divergent Constructed Oyster Reef Structures in Terrebonne Bay, Louisiana

Barrier Shoreline Restoration

Miller, Brad – Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration, the First Use of Ship Shoal Sand for Restoration

Feazel, Bill — Cameron Parish Shoreline Restoration

Planning Large Hydrological Restorations

Feldbaum, Austin — Calcasieu Salinity Control Measures

Bahlinger, Kenneth — Houma Navigation Canal (HNC) Lock Complex

Feldbaum, Austin — Increase Atchafalaya Flow to Terrebonne

Borrow Site Morphology

Khalil, Syed — Borrow Area Monitoring and Management (BAMM) Program for Coastal Restoration in Louisiana

Thursday, March 20

CPRA Monitoring Initiatives

Weifenbach, Dona – Louisiana’s Coastwide Reference Monitoring System – Wetlands (CRMS)

Lee, Darin — Louisiana’s Barrier Island Comprehensive Monitoring Program (BICM): Past, Present, and Future

Raynie, Richard — System-Wide Assessment and Monitoring Program

Tools for Visualizing the Lower Mississippi River

Simoneaux, Rudy – The Expanded Small Scale Physical Model of the Lower Mississippi River

2017 Master Plan Modeling Presentations

Green, Mandy — 2017 Model Improvement Plan Overview

Wave Reduction

Curole, Glen — An Assessment of the Performance of Raccoon Island Breakwater Projects