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2023 Coastal Master Plan

2023MP Cover

The 2023 Coastal Master Plan will build upon previous master plan efforts and strive to ensure that the collective effects of project investments reduce storm surge-based flood risk to communities, provide habitats to support an array of commercial and recreational activities, and support infrastructure critical to the working coast. This will be achieved by harnessing natural processes, focusing protection on key assets, and adapting to changing coastal conditions.

The 2017 Coastal Master Plan predictions of future coastal land loss and storm surge-based flood risk, even with plan implementation, demonstrate that isolated project investments often provide minimal benefits beyond their immediate footprint or local area. Synergistic interactions among projects of different types affecting the same region have been shown to produce greater and more sustainable benefits. Moreover, future predictions show the scale of the challenge facing coastal Louisiana and reinforce the need for the master plan process to focus on investments with beneficial effects at the sub-basin to regional scale.

CPRA held an initial public solicitation from September 2018 – March 1, 2019 for new project concepts to be considered for the 2023 Coastal Master Plan. It will now hold a second public solicitation from October 2019 – February 14, 2020. Emphasis should be on project concepts that continue to provide benefits in the face of sea level rise and subsidence without continued maintenance, those that contribute to maintaining estuarine gradients in future decades, and those that provide risk reduction at the community or regional scale. New project concepts that meet these challenges can be proposed by any source, including parishes, elected officials, academia, agencies, NGOs, landowners, business/industry, and the public. Project concepts that meet the screening criteria will be evaluated with updated models for the 2023 Coastal Master Plan.

What’s Next?

Below is a brief summary of key activities for the 2023 Coastal Master Plan currently underway with input from advisory groups:

  • Update and refine the landscape, storm surge/waves, and risk assessment models
  • Use the best available data to update and refine the environmental and risk scenarios
  • Make improvements to the plan development process
  • Continue outreach and engagement efforts related to the 2023 Coastal Master Plan


New Project Development Program Guidelines and Criteria 

New Project Development Frequently Asked Questions

New Project Development One-Pager

On October 17, 2018, CPRA hosted an informational webinar to review the details of the new project development solicitation.

To view the webinar click here; to download the presentation slides click here.