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Zoning approved for Water Campus building

October 21, 2014

The first component of the Water Campus, a 33-acre center for coastal education and research between downtown and LSU, has been approved by the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Planning Commission.

St. Bernard meets requirements for some Clean Water Act oil spill penalty money

October 10, 2014

St. Bernard Parish's new comprehensive plan was approved and certified by the governor's office as meeting the requirements of the federal Restore Act and thus placing it in line to receive a portion of Clean Water Act penalties from the…

Mid-Barataria diversion could create 22 square miles of land in 20 years, researcher says

October 8, 2014

Louisiana's proposed Mid-Barataria sediment diversion, which would be located on the west bank of the Mississippi River near Myrtle Grove in Plaquemines Parish, could create from 6 square miles to 22 square miles of new land and wetlands after 20…

WWNO’s Coastal Glossary

October 7, 2014

As we explore the Gulf Coast more comprehensively than ever before, trying to understand better the complex relationships inherent in the restoration process, there's a lot to learn and keep track of.

Feds, states announce $627M in Gulf spill restoration projects

October 3, 2014

Federal and state officials said Friday that they have chosen 44 projects worth $627 million to restore the Gulf of Mexico and its shores after the major 2010 oil spill.

Margaret Orr: Hurricane season subsiding; Not finished yet

October 1, 2014

NEW ORLEANS —The peak of Hurricane Season was Sept. 10th and we are now on the downward trend.

Nation fails to address coastal and inland flood risks, civil engineer society says

September 24, 2014

Nine years after levee failures flooded New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and two years after Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast, the nation has failed to determine the flooding risks faced by communities across the United States, the American Society…

Louisiana’s coastline is disappearing at the rate of a football field an hour

September 23, 2014

According to the report, called Losing Ground, changes in the Mississippi delta that were designed to increase flood protection and enhance oil and gas production have led to an unprecedented loss of land.

4 things to know about the BP oil spill court hearings on Wednesday

September 23, 2014

A federal judge in New Orleans is set to hold hearings on a range of legal disputes related to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, including whether or not BP has the right to recover what it says were…

The Beauty of the Louisiana Barrier Islands

September 23, 2014

On September 12, I had the opportunity to travel to Raccoon Island, one of the remaining barrier islands outside of Terrebonne Bay. Raccoon Island was once part of the 25-mile-long barrier island chain called Isles Dernieres or Last Islands. Prior…

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