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Three Large Coastal Restoration Projects Underway

May 19, 2021, Christopher Leach - SOUTH LOUISIANA—Today marks the return of Coastal Day for the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. To Celebrate, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards had an announcement to make, saying, “I am pleased to announce the advancement of…

Work progresses off Terrebonne on state’s biggest barrier island restoration project

April 5, 2021, Kezia Setyawan – About 20 miles southeast of Cocodrie, bulldozers are working on the state's largest-ever project to restore barrier islands that protect inland communities from Gulf of Mexico storms.

Coastal chief: Louisiana needs big diversion projects to restore wetlands

March 9, 2021, Chip Kline – Most Louisianans can recite our state’s land loss statistics as quickly as they can recall their home addresses — “a football field of land lost every 100 minutes.”

Big Step Forward for $50 Billion Plan to Save Louisiana Coast

March 5, 2021

nytimes, John Schwartz -  The next phase of a $50 billion plan to protect the Louisiana coast from erosion and rising sea levels has cleared an important hurdle, with the Army Corps of Engineers delivering a long-awaited environmental impact statement for…

This major Louisiana coastal project just received a positive report from the Corps of Engineers

March 5, 2021, Mark Schleifstein – One of the most expensive, ambitious and controversial projects in Louisiana’s 50-year, $50 billion bid to save the southern third of the state from disappearing like a modern-day Atlantis passed a major milestone Thursday night when the…

State, Nicholls to build coastal center aimed at studying land loss in southeast Louisiana

February 9, 2021, Halle Parker – Plans to build a coastal center at the Louisiana university closest to the state's disappearing shoreline will move forward by the end of this year.

Work starts on $32M project to turn open water back to marsh

February 5, 2021, Associated Press – CAMERON, La. (AP) — Construction has begun on a $32 million project to bring back hundreds of acres of marsh to a part of southwest Louisiana where storms, sinking and other factors have turned thousands of…

Work begins to restore Louisiana island that is home to thousands of brown pelicans

January 13, 2021, John Snell - CAMERON, La. - NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Restoration work has begun on Rabbit Island in Cameron Parish, the only brown pelican colony in Southwest Louisiana. The $16.4 million project is funded with settlement money from from…

Louisiana could join other Gulf states in creating site for estuary research

December 14, 2020, Mark Schleifstein - Louisiana has kicked off an effort to identify part of its coastline that can be added to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s coastwide National Estuary Research Reserve program.

New piers and parking make fishing safer along Island Road in Terrebonne Parish

December 2, 2020, Keith Magill - A dangerous spot along Island Road in southeastern Terrebonne Parish frequented by roadside anglers now has new public piers and an upgraded boat launch.