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CPRA director: Sediment diversion still key to sustaining wetlands

August 27, 2019

At the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, we believe our ultimate success will be measured by our children and grandchildren. Will the investments we make today leave them with a coast in which they can live, work, and play, or…

Adding 3 miles of breakwaters at Louisiana wildlife refuge

August 12, 2019

ROCKEFELLER WILDLIFE REFUGE, La. (AP) - Louisiana is adding three miles of breakwaters to protect a state wildlife refuge where the shoreline is rapidly eroding and the bottom is extremely soft.

Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, haven for nature lovers, to benefit from shoreline protection project

August 12, 2019

For years, the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge that hugs 26 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline in remote southwestern Louisiana has been a haven for nature lovers and researchers.

Edwards celebrates $18M set aside for Rockefeller Refuge coastal work

August 8, 2019

CAMERON — Gov. John Bel Edwards joined state and local officials on Tuesday to celebrate another $18 million dedicated to protecting three more miles of coastline at Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge.

Coastal Restoration Crucial For Livelihood In Louisiana

August 6, 2019

 On the coast in Vermilion Parish, local, state and federal government officials, along with companies, gathered to discuss the ongoing issue of land loss in the area. The future of the coast in vermilion parish looks grim over the course…

Gov. Edwards announces partnership to extend shoreline protection project in Cameron Parish

August 6, 2019

BATON ROUGE – Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced three additional miles of unique rock breakwaters to the shoreline that protects the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Cameron Parish is being made possible by an $18 million partnership between the Coastal…

CPRA Coastal Connections in Port Sulphur

August 5, 2019

Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) has just announced that their Coastal Connections event will take place on August 6, 2019, at Port Sulphur Community Center, 278 Civic Drive, Port Sulphur, LA.

CPRA chairman: Congress should act to fund coastal preservation in Louisiana

July 24, 2019

The restoration and protection of Louisiana’s coast has proudly been a unifying issue for our state. Governors, state legislators, local leaders, and members of our congressional delegation from both parties have come together time and time again to support the…

Grand Isle partnering with state for surge protection

July 22, 2019

Grand Isle’s levee district is partnering with the state to close a gap in the town’s breakwater barrier that protects it from storm surge.

Tropical Storm Barry tests Louisiana’s multi-billion-dollar post-Katrina flood defenses

July 16, 2019

Louisiana officials are learning what worked and what still needs improvements after Tropical Storm Barry dumped heavy rain on the state’s multi-billion-dollar post-Katrina flood defenses, putting the costly equipment into use for the first time when the storm hit this…

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