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Adaptive Governance Initiative

The Adaptive Governance Initiative (AGI) supports Governor Edwards’ Executive Order 2020-19 on Coastal Resilience. The initiative’s goal is to build the capacity of agencies to identify how coastal change will affect their missions and begin the process of adapting to those changes. Through the AGI, agencies are uncovering vulnerabilities to coastal change and identifying adaptation options that address vulnerabilities to allow the agency to continue carrying out its mission. 

The AGI is being implemented through a partnership between The Center for Planning Excellence and Governor’s Office of Coastal Activities, with support from Walton Family Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Foundation for Louisiana, Greater New Orleans Foundation, and CPRA. 


While the crisis on the coast is punctuated by singular disasters like hurricanes and oil spills, it also brings chronic stressors for the people, communities, natural resources, and economies of Louisiana. The impacts of coastal change continue to grow and directly and indirectly test every state agency, making it crucial to look beyond disaster preparation and response to find new ways to strengthen our ability to plan for the future in a way that meets those challenges. 

Although each agency in the Executive Branch has a distinct mission and its own expertise, resources, and responsibilities, each will be impacted and tested by the monumental changes occurring across Louisiana’s coast. As each agency finds ways to adapt to these changes they are also helping to build a more resilient state by supporting stronger, more integrated, and informed programs and assets that meet different aspects of the changing needs of the populations living along the coast.


Executive Summary

Final Report

Agency Resilience Report Cards 

Potential Louisiana Receiving Communities Report


The following resources were designed to support state agencies as they respond to the Executive Order JBE 2019-19 and were developed throughout the course of the Adaptive Governance Initiative. Included are principles, step-by-step instructions, and templates to guide agencies as they work on assessing vulnerabilities, identifying adaptation actions, and institutionalizing adaptation.

The Manual is designed to help agencies work through the process individually and with other agencies.

The Vulnerability Assessment is a downloadable template to examine agencies’ assets and activities that may be affected by these acute and chronic hazards and an evaluation of the resulting consequences or impacts.

The Report Card helps agencies track information in a structured way and to enable prioritization of vulnerabilities.