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While people and businesses all over America are affected by Louisiana’s ongoing land loss catastrophe, the impacts hit us here at home first. Citizens see the landscape washing away firsthand, and they fear the worst when storms approach our coast. The state of Louisiana is aggressively responding to this crisis and has identified specific projects that address the root causes of land loss.

Since 2007, the state has substantially increased its financial commitment to the coast, and the result has been a tremendous amount of progress.

The CPRA has:

  • Built or improved approximately 282 miles of levees
  • Benefited over 36,161 acres of coastal habitat
  • Secured approximately $20 billion in state and federal funding for protection and restoration projects
  • Identified and used dozens of different federal, state, local and private funding sources for projects
  • Moved over 150 projects into design and construction
  • Constructed projects in 20 parishes
  • Constructed 60 miles of barrier islands and berms

The CPRA is continuing to build on this momentum.

Over 30 projects will begin or continue construction during Fiscal Year 2018, including 15 protection projects, 15 restoration projects. These projects represent a total State investment of nearly $383 million in Fiscal Year 2018.

There is much work to be done, but we are determined to sustain our coastal communities, habitats, and the Louisiana culture we all treasure.