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2017 Coastal Master Plan

Master Plan Consistency Guidelines 

Includes general guidelines to help develop restoration projects that are consistent with the Master Plan.  These guidelines are applicable to all restoration projects that receive state funding.

Master Plan Project Development Program

Download a PDF (305 KB) of the 2017 Coastal Master Plan Project Development Program, which includes information on the types of projects that can be proposed for the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, screening guidelines, and submittal details.

Model Improvement Plan

CPRA and The Water Institute of the Gulf, along with input from over 50 experts, have developed the Model Improvement Plan to refine existing modeling tools and develop new tools for use in the 2017 Coastal Master Plan.  The overall vision for predicting landscape change is to develop Integrated Compartment Models (ICMs) by building upon the technical tools used in the 2012 Coastal Master Plan, making revisions and improvements where possible, and developing entirely new tools in some instances.  Changes from the 2012 Coastal Master Plan models to the ICMs can be characterized into three broad categories: development of new process-based algorithms (e.g., marsh edge erosion and sediment distribution), integration of model code into a single common framework (e.g., all code integrated into Fortran), and increased resolution of the models (e.g., reducing the size of the 2012 Coastal Master Plan Eco-hydrology compartments).  Future scenarios (environmental and risk/damage) will be updated, and it is envisioned that a full set of sensitivity analyses, as well as calibration/validation, performance assessments and uncertainty analyses will be conducted through this effort.