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Scofield Island is a 2.4-mile long barrier island located between Scofield Bayou and the merger of Bay Coquette and the Gulf of Mexico, west of the active Mississippi River bird’s foot delta in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Issue Addressed

The island was disappearing. It has experienced substantial impacts from storms, relative sea level rise, and anthropogenic influences. The combined effects have caused landward transgression, island breaching, wetlands loss, and adverse impacts to fisheries.

Project Goals

The project rebuilds a barrier island, creating 238 acres of beach and dune, and 398 acres of marsh. The dune will be 6 feet high and approximately 640 feet wide along 11,400 feet of shoreline. It will mature to approximately 434 acres of barrier island and wetland habitat at year 20 of the project design life.

Project Details

Project Type:

Barrier Island/Headland Restoration

Project Information:

Project number: BA-40

Estimated Total Cost: $$60.8 million

Land Benefited: 234 acres