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Grand Liard Marsh and Ridge Restoration<<Back to Types of Projects


The project site is in the Barataria Basin section of Plaquemines Parish, off the west bank of the Mississippi River near the town of Triumph, along Bayou Grand Liard and Chicharas Bay.

Issue Addressed

The area has experienced wetland loss due to a variety of forces including subsidence,
salt-water intrusion, a lack of sediment supply, and activities associated with oil and gas
industries. A combination of ridge loss and interior wetland loss has resulted in large expanses of open water.

Project Goals

The project restores the structural and habitat functions of Grand Liard Bayou and its flanking marshes, creating approximately 328 acres of marsh while sustaining and nourishing an additional 140 acres of existing marsh..

Project Details

Project Type:

Marsh Creation

Project Information:

Project number: BA-68

Estimated Total Cost: $$41.9 million

Land Benefited: 502 acres