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This project is located in Cameron Parish in extreme southwest Louisiana. The project area involves a 9-mile stretch of the Gulf of Mexico coast, starting on the western side of the Calcasieu Ship Channel’s gulf outlet and proceeding to approximately two miles west of Holly Beach.

Issue Addressed

The present shoreline is eroding at a rate of 5 to 30 feet per year and is threatening the coastal highway, the only remaining barrier between the Gulf of Mexico and a 40,000 acre marsh. Any breach of the roadway will increase salinity and introduce rapid tidal exchange that could convert the marsh into open water.

Project Goals

This project will keep the shoreline position at or seaward of the current position for 20 years and lessen the chance of losing the beachfront, the road, and the marshland ecosystem.

Project Details

Project Type:

Barrier Island/Headland Restoration

Project Information:

Project number: CS-33

Estimated Total Cost: $$45 million

Land Benefited: 523 acres