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Pass-A-Loutre WMA Campgrounds & Crevasses

August 13, 2020

MR-170 (PAL WMA Campgrounds) Project Overview:
This project involves improvements at five existing campgrounds in the Pass-a-Loutre WMA to enhance the experience of campground users and reduce ongoing erosion. Project features include new picnic tables, fire pit/barbeque areas, and docks at all campgrounds; bulkhead installation at two campgrounds; and dredging at three campgrounds to improve boat access and elevate the facilities above expected storm-surge inundation elevations.

MR-169 (PAL WMA Crevasses) Project Overview:
This project involves the construction of five crevasses in natural spoil banks along passes within the Pass-a-Loutre WMA to provide recreational hunters, fishermen, and non-consumptive users access to wetlands that are currently inaccessible by boat. The crevasses would also divert sediment-laden river water into shallow open ponds, enhancing habitat for wildlife and fisheries.

Project Update:

MR-0169 Project Factsheet
MR-0170 Project Factsheet