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The Southwest Coastal LA Feasibility Study encompasses Cameron, Calcasieu, and Vermilion Parishes in southwest Louisiana.

Issue Addressed

Given the area’s low, flat terrain in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the people, economy, and unique environment and culture of southwest Louisiana are at risk due to flooding from tidal surges and waves associated with tropical storms. Land subsidence, combined with rising sea level, is expected to increase the potential for coastal flooding, shoreline erosion, saltwater intrusion, and loss of wetland and chenier habitats in the future.

Measure types under evaluation are in concert with the 2012 Master Plan and include shoreline stabilization measures, hurricane and storm damage risk reduction measures, hydrologic and salinity control measures, restoration of chenier ridges, and marsh creation measures.

Project Goals

The goal of the study is to develop a comprehensive plan for the study area that will provide hurricane and storm damage risk reduction and provide coastal restoration measures to achieve ecosystem sustainability.

Project Status

The study is cost shared 50-50 between the CPRA and the Corps and was originally budgeted at $8.8 million. It has produced a Feasibility Scoping Report and a Value Engineering Report. In March of 2013 the study transitioned to the Corps’ SMART planning procedures. The current schedule indicates a Draft Feasibility Report in November 2013 and a Chief’s Report Milestone in September 2014.

Project Details

Project Type: Key Initiative