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This project addresses enhancements to a 48-mile ring levee encompassing a stretch of Bayou Lafourche and the surrounding area from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway south to below Golden Meadow in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. In addition to Golden Meadow, the communities of Larose, Cut Off, and Galliano are inside the levee’s protective perimeter.

Issue Addressed

Natural and man-made impacts such as sea level rise, subsidence, and canals cut through the marsh are degrading the wetland environment and turning it into open water. The loss of this protective marsh has greatly increased the risk for people and industry inside the ring levee, leaving them vulnerable to storm surge from the Gulf of Mexico.

Project Goals

The homes and livelihood of approximately 27,000 people are protected within the ring levee. The system also plays a critical part in the existence and function of Port Fourchon, one of the nation’s most vital ports for offshore and imported oil and gas.

Project Details
Hurricane Protection

Project Type:

Hurricane Protection

Project Information:

Project number: TE-65

Estimated Total Cost: $27.8 million

Land Benefited: 23 miles of levee improved