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The master plan objectives reflect the key issues affecting people in and around Louisiana’s coast and define what the plan aims to achieve as whole. The objectives seek to improve flood protection for families and businesses, recreate the natural processes that built Louisiana’s delta, and ensure that our coast continues to be both a Sportsman’s Paradise and a hub for commerce and industry.

Flood Protection: Reduce economic losses from storm surge based flooding to residential, public, industrial, and commercial infrastructure.

Natural Processes: Promote a sustainable coastal ecosystem by harnessing the natural processes of the system.

Coastal Habitats: Provide habitats suitable to support an array of commercial and recreational activities coast wide.

Cultural Heritage: Sustain, to the extent practicable, the unique cultural heritage of coastal Louisiana by protecting historic properties and traditional living cultures and their ties and relationships to the natural environment.

Working Coast: Promote a viable working coast to support regionally and nationally important businesses and industries.