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Flood Risk & Resilience Viewer

The CPRA launched a new “Flood Risk and Resilience Viewer” which displays information on coastal land change, flood risk, and impacts to communities. This innovative online-tool provides residents with access to the state’s best information about how Louisiana’s coast may change in the future, as well as resources to make communities and properties safer.

The short video below offers a brief tutorial on how to navigate the viewer.

Click here to explore the viewer.


The viewer uses data that was produced for the 2012 Coastal Master Plan and shows land loss and flood risk for current day as well as 50 years into the future. Also displayed are the 2012 Coastal Master Plan protection and restoration projects that offer land building and risk reduction benefits across the coast. In addition, a variety of resources are provided to enable homeowners and business owners to take steps towards reducing their flood risk.

This information is integrated with additional coast-wide data on infrastructure and other elements of the built environment to show how flood risk impacts communities. The information can then be used to better understand current coastal flood risk and how this risk may change in the future.

The viewer is intended to support residents, communities, local governments, state agencies, NGOs, and community advocates in coastal planning and hazard mitigation efforts.