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Project Goals

For decades, sediment diversion projects have been a staple of every coastal plan that has been published. The question is rarely whether we should build them, but how and where to build them, how to pay for them, and how to operate them once built. That all has changed over the past 5 years since the 2012 Coastal Master Plan made it clear that sediment diversions must be part of our overall restoration strategy, and since the recent Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill settlement has made funding more certain.

The purpose of sediment diversion projects is to divert sediment-laden water from the Mississippi River to the adjacent basins. By re-establishing a connection between the Mississippi River and the basins, these projects will restore historic deltaic sediment deposition to build, maintain, and sustain critical coastal lands.

Project Status

Mississippi River Diversion Program

Project Details

Project Type: Key Initiative