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2015 Student Poetry Contest Winners

As part of Wetlands Week, the CPRA and 4-H Youth Wetlands Program sponsored a poetry contest for students. This year’s theme was: “Louisiana’s Coast: Our Unique Culture”

Thank you to the hundreds of students from around the state who took the time to craft wonderful, heartfelt poems, and congratulations to this year’s winners.

Click each winner’s name to view his or her poem.

Upper Elementary Division
Place Name Age City
1st Nathan Deville 9 LeCompte, La.
2nd Kallie Pitre 11 Dry Creek, La.
3rd Elaina Ruiz 11 Convent, La.


Middle School Division
Place Name Age City
1st Savannah Sims 13 New Iberia, La.
2nd Jordan Mazzeno 12 Albany, La.
3rd Tyler Bullock 11 St. Francisville, La.


High School Division
Place Name Age City
1st Camille Touchet 15 Jeanerette, La.
2nd Katie White 18 St. Martinville, La.
3rd Paycen Brouillette 16 St. Francisville, La.


1st Place Upper Elementary
Louisiana – The Coast with the Most
By: Nathan Deville

Our Louisiana coast line-
What a treasure so grand,
For fishing or sailing,
Or beaches with sand.
Sea gulls and brown pelicans
Exist side by side.
While wild ducks and geese-
Their nest they must hide.
There are marshes and swamp land-
With tall cypress trees.
For gators and wildlife-
To roam as they please.
Shrimp and oysters-
We find off our coast.
To satisfy our cravings-
For good food we all boast.
For God has blessed us-
With an amazing coast land.
So let’s join together-
And protect what we can.


2nd Place Upper Elementary
Louisiana’s Coast: Our Unique Culture
By: Kallie Pitre

Louisiana’s coast is so unique.
It keeps our culture at its peak.

Out coast’s bounty keeps us fed with fish, shrimp, and oyster beds.
It provides us with the best cuisine that you have ever seen.
And, when you taste Louisiana’s flavor, it is something you will savor.

Barrier islands, marshes too,
Boggy bayous to name a few.
Keeping us housed, safe and warm;
They protect us from harmful storms.

Louisiana’s culture is the best I know.
And, our coast makes it shine and show.
The sights and sound of the Louisiana shore
Will keep you coming back for more.

Our rich culture is full of treasures
And, that is why we must go through great measures
To preserve and restore
Louisiana’s coast forevermore


3rd Place Upper Elementary
A Louisiana Weekend
By: Elaina Ruiz

We pulled up to our camp at dark,
I could not wait for my dad’s Chevy truck to park.
First task was to put out the catfish jugs,
Then we were off to set traps for the mudbugs.

The next morning was a lot to do,
We cooked enough food for me and you.
Crawfish bisque and fish filets were on the menu,
As the sunset, it made the perfect venue.

Once the dishes were done,
It was off to have some Louisiana fun.
Headed to Morgan City to enjoy the fair,
At the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, all I could do was stare.

Now it’s time for round two,
In Louisiana there’s so much to do.
Swamp tour here we come,
Needed marshmallows so I could feed the alligators some.

Zydeco music was playing loudly,
The men stood on the airboats waiting proudly.
Ladies on the porch greeting me with Shay bae bae,
It was truly a fabulous day!

Louisiana Coastlines need to be protected,
If not the shrimp, oysters, and crawfish will be affected.
Here’s a challenge for you to do,
Take a slow ride down a scenic highway and enjoy the view.


1st Place Middle School
My Beautiful Louisiana
By: Savannah Sims

Golden beams shine on the water
A pale bird soars over curiously
A gentle breeze sets my heart at ease
In my beautiful Louisiana

Gators snap at random old things
As lightning bugs light up the night
And Jazz can be heard from miles away
In my beautiful Louisiana

Bald Cypress spring from the marsh below
And the moss seems to dance in the wind
While the brown pelicans soar overhead
In my beautiful Louisiana

Though life may be hard sometimes
With crazy hot summers and wet springs
I would not change it for a single thing
For I love my beautiful Louisiana


2nd Place Middle School
Sunrise to Sunset
By: Jordan Mazzeno

As the sun comes up on the coast
Where the crabs and fish get caught the most.
The light beams cause the water to glisten
You can hear the cypress tree whistlin’
If you just listen.

To some it is a way of life
How the engines cut the water like a knife.
To some it is just paradise
But, everything caught can be bought for a price.

The sights and sounds of the seasons can be found all around
You can find most of them for sale by the pound.
From the “plop” of the baited hooks
All the days catch is then brought to the cooks.

As the sun begins to fade
New sights and sounds are being made.
Another day will begin soon
But for now all we hear is the nights tune.

3rd Place Middle School
By: Tyler Bullock

Louisiana Cypress trees,
Looming higher than you and I;
Spanish Moss hanging down,
swaying side to side,
it’s their own way of greeting.

Brown Pelicans,
leading with their bills;
Bass swimming about,
speeding through the murky water,
giving the pelicans their fills.

All the little honeybees,
stars of many songs,
slurping up the nectar,
collecting sums of pollen,
and sharing with the flowers.

“All good things must come to an end”
they say,
sadly that is true,
with our sacred coast,
erosion takes our beautiful land

From the Cypress trees,
the Spanish moss,
even from the Pelicans,
and from the harmless little honeybees.
Who would do such a thing?


1st Place High School
Dreaming of Home
By: Camille Touchet

My feet have wandered this earth and the unseen paths it holds,
I have tasted and seen nothing short of adventure,
And felt everything with the exception of remorse.

But when I lay my head on my pillow,
To allow my consciousness to slip from within,
I am never astonished to find myself
Dreaming of a state I call home

I dream of fresh soil beneath me,
And a seemingly endless field of green before me,
With smiling faces
Laughing and working apace with me.

I dream of seasons of ceaseless rain,
And seasons of unfathomable heat and humidity.
Sweat soaked clothes sticking to my sin
On quiet nights spent on a porch swing.

I dream of loud festivals
With the lingering smell of rich spices,
And strawberry-stained red lips,
Dancing wildly aside
A roaring brass band.
I dream of southern hospitality
And the laid back vibes,
Filled with deep conversations
With beautiful strangers.

Because when I lay my head on my pillow
To allow my mind to dream of nothing at all,
I dream of nothing of nothing at all,

Besides home.
Besides Louisiana.


2nd Place High School
I Am From Louisiana
By: Katie White

I am from live oaks and marshy coasts
Blooming azaleas and thriving wildlife.
I am from bayous, lakes, ponds, and swamps,
Teeming with life and the fisherman’s livelihood.
I am from Southern hospitality and a zeal for life,
Succulent crawfish and strong sweet tea.
I am from the heart of jazz and Zydeco,
Where we laugh till it hurt and don our dancing shoes.
I am from “Laissez les bon temps rouler!” and “Throw me something mister!”
“Yes ma’am,” “No sire,” and “How’s your mom and them?”
I am from burning cane fields and tractor traffic,
Where hard work is the only work.
I am from strong men and women who come together
When the whole world seems to flood.
I am from the deep red sunrises over the rolling Mississippi,
A reminder that life does, indeed, go on.
I am from Louisiana,
The greatest place on Earth.


3rd Place High School
Good Morning Louisiana
By: Marty Brouillette

A new sun rises in the morning sky
The sleepy swamp awakes; the pelicans fly
In the murky water, catfish swim
An egret perches on a cypress limb
Noon day comes and beneath the hot sun
The cottonmouth swims, the wild rabbits run
The sun begins to set as the day moves along
The bullfrogs will soon croak their evening song
And the warm day gives ways to the coolness of night
The alligator hunts with all of its might
The owl hoot and the raccoons play
I wouldn’t have Louisiana any other way.