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What Gov. Jindal should say about skyrocketing flood insurance rates: Editorial

September 29, 2013

After Louisiana's congressional delegation fought for months to derail excessive flood insurance rate increases, after business groups and parish officials went to Washington to argue the same thing, after FEMA officials came here to assess the situation, Gov. Bobby Jindal…

Loyola-backed documentary on MRGO to be subject of free screening

September 26, 2013

Eight years after the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet received the bulk of the blame for flooding much of the New Orleans metro area during Hurricane Katrina, Loyola University introduces its new documentary "MRGOing, Going, Gone?," a film that explores the…

Metro area braces for flood insurance changes due to Biggert-Waters Act: Links

September 26, 2013

As Oct. 1 nears, area residents and officials are turning up the heat in their quest to get the federal government to delay what for some home and business owners could be drastic increases in flood insurance. Across the metro…

Floating Islands to be installed on Lake Pontchartrain starting Oct. 2

September 26, 2013

Lake Pontchartrain will soon host 17 new, tiny islands – the latest tool to restore and protect marshes around Lake Pontchartrain in Jefferson Parish. On Oct. 2 and 3, the 17 islands will be towed into pattern against the shore…

All Against BP as Spill Trial Turns to ‘Coverup’

September 25, 2013

The BP oil-spill-litigation cage match starts up again next week in New Orleans. Thought this multibillion-dollar melee had already run its course? Not by a long shot.

BTNEP rebuilding Louisiana

September 25, 2013

One million down, 11 million more to go.

EPA says U.S. falling short in shrinking annual Gulf “Dead Zone”

September 25, 2013

MINNEAPOLIS — The U.S. is falling short of its goals to cut Mississippi River pollution and shrink the "Dead Zone" it creates in the Gulf of Mexico.

Study: BP spill damaged sea-floor life for miles

September 25, 2013

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The vast 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill damaged the tiny animals that live on the sea floor for about 57 square miles around the blown-out BP oil well, with severe damage in about nine square…

3 years later, BP garners criticism and praise

September 25, 2013

A little more than three years ago, the name of an oil industry giant praised for its good corporate citizenship in the Bayou Country became a dirty word.

Buddy Caldwell says he did not authorize lawsuit

September 25, 2013

During the last several weeks, numerous news articles have been published concerning the filing by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, (SLFPA-E), about a suit against multiple oil companies, some stating that I authorized it. One individual even stated that…