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Edwards pledges to maintain coastal Master Plan funding

February 17, 2017

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards pledged to a coastal erosion summit Thursday (Feb. 16) he would not reduce the state's financial commitment to its coastline even as the state finds itself in dire financial straits.

Louisiana Establishes Natural Resource Damage Restoration Banking Regulations

February 17, 2017

New regulations have been proposed to establish procedures for the certification and operation of natural resource damage restoration banks in Louisiana.  These proposed regulations can be found in Title 43 of the Louisiana Administrative Code, Part XXXI, Chapter 1 (see…

A snapshot of coastal Louisiana’s economic importance:

February 16, 2017

Coastal Louisiana is an economic engine that feeds and fuels the nation, and its ports connect the U.S. with the world. Large-scale restoration of coastal Louisiana presents a huge opportunity to protect existing infrastructure and industry of national importance. It…

National import of Louisiana’s coastal master plan to be focus of Baton Rouge summit

February 15, 2017

The importance to the rest of the United States of Louisiana's proposed 2017 master plan for coastal restoration and hurricane storm surge protection will be the topic of a Thursday (Feb. 16) summit keynoted by Gov. John Bel Edwards on the…

Letters: Coastal plan based on sound science

February 6, 2017, Johnny Bradberry -- Jeff Sadow, an associate political science professor in Shreveport, recently wrote a column that appeared in The Advocate stating that the latest draft of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan should be rejected by the legislature unless a…

Coastal plan could help diversify economy

February 3, 2017, Jordon Legendre -- As the public comment period continues on the state's 2017 Coastal Master Plan, local business leaders and coastal restoration activists say it presents not only an effort to save the coast but also an opportunity to…

La. Coastal Master Plan open for comment

January 31, 2017, Claire Taylor -- Louisiana's proposed Coastal Master Plan containing $50 billion in coastal protection and wetlands restoration projects is open for public comment until March 26.

Master Plan Data Viewer updates allows for flood insight

January 30, 2017 -- The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is releasing an update to the Master Plan Data Viewer, an online tool that lets residents learn more about their current and future flood risk. The viewer was created in response to…

Speed — and caution — urged on Louisiana’s 50-year plan to save its coast

January 27, 2017, Mark Schleifstein -- Now that four public hearings have been held on Louisiana's new $50 billion, 50-year plan to save its southern flank, staff at the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority turn to tweaking the draft before presenting it…

State coastal agency says midyear budget cuts could delay restoration projects

January 26, 2017, Bob Marshall -- How could a potential $3.8 million budget cut to the state Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority end up costing $8 million?