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Appendix E – Flood Risk and Resilience Program 

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Appendix E – Flood Risk and Resilience Program Framework Attachment E1 – Flood Risk and Resilience Program Policy Recommendations Attachment E2 – Parish Profiles Attachment E3 – Nonstructural Model Results Attachment E4 – Parish Applicant’s Handbook


Nonstructural Frequently Asked Questions


Additional 2017 Coastal Master Plan Appendices

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Appendix A -Project Defenitions Appendix B -People and the Landscape Attachment C3-25 Storm Surge and Risk Assessment Appendix D-Planning Tool Report


2012 Coastal Master Plan Appendices

AppendixE_Thumbnails-11 AppendixE_Thumbnails-12 AppendixE_Thumbnails-13 AppendixE_Thumbnails-14
Appendix D25 – Risk Assessment (CLARA) Model Technical Report Appendix F. Implementation and Adaptive Management Appendix F2 Nonstructural Implementation Strategy Special Issue Journal of Coastal Research: Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan Technical Analysis


CPRA- Funded Reports on Resilience Issues

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National Flood Insurance Program: Impact of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 Best Practices for Development in Coastal Louisiana Sci-TEK: Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Geospatial Data for Mapping Local Priorities Video


Additional Resources

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