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Resilience Approach – Employing Multiple Lines of DefenseResilience Approach

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan sets forth an integrated strategy including both coastal restoration and risk reduction projects to build land and reduce flood risk. Taking a holistic approach to reduce coastal flooding, both structural and nonstructural projects are recommended to reduce storm surge-related flood risk across the coast.

Nonstructural projects reduce risk to the existing building inventory through means of floodproofing, elevating, acquiring structures, or relocating purchasing home/business in a safer location.

Other nonstructural measures reduce flood risk to future building inventory through many activities including implementing ordinances and building codes with higher risk reduction standards and preparing land use plans that integrate floodplain management concepts.

2017 Coastal Master Plan Nonstructural Policy Recommendations

In addition to nonstructural project recommendations, CPRA understands that changes to policy are also needed to reduce current and future flood risk to communities. As part of the 2017 Coastal Master Plan, CPRA has developed recommended resilience policies to better achieve risk reduction goals across coastal Louisiana. These recommendations include the topics of comprehensive/land use planning, hazard mitigation planning, regulatory tools, infrastructure /building standards, and capital improvement plans /incentives.

The aim of these policies is to frame the flood risk and resilience recommendations that most urgently need to be addressed; to provide a robust resource of information about the range of pertinent policies and opportunities for action; and to generate new ideas about the actionable steps that could be implemented to promote a more resilient coastal Louisiana.

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The policy recommendations further the progress and enhance the ongoing resiliency efforts made by the Governors’ Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), Office of Community Development (OCD), and coastal parishes. Within each topic, various recommendations are specifically addressed to a relevant entity that may be best able to enact change including the Louisiana Legislature, other state agencies, parish/municipal governments, or academic/nonprofit groups.