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2017 Coastal Master Plan Process

2017 Coastal Master Plan Process


The Coastal Master Plan sets forth an ambitious path to create a more sustainable coastal Louisiana landscape. The 2017 Coastal Master Plan will provide important information to Louisiana’s coastal citizens, allowing them to protect their families, manage businesses, and plan for the future. The 2017 Coastal Master Plan moves us towards our protection and restoration goals of reducing coastal flood risk, promoting sustainable ecosystems, providing habitats for a variety of commercial and recreational activities coast wide, strengthening communities, and supporting regionally and nationally important business and industry.

Carrying forward the planning efforts from 2007 and 2012, the Coastal Master Plan builds on the past and establishes clear priorities for the future through an integrated and comprehensive approach.

So what’s new? While we continue to implement projects to protect and restore coastal Louisiana, we’re also working to advance the development of the 2017 Coastal Master Plan by:

As with previous planning efforts, the 2017 Coastal Master Plan will be developed with world-class science and engineering expertise and extensive engagement and input from citizens and stakeholders so we can focus our resources wisely.

By determining how best to use our limited dollars, river water, and sediment, we will build on the foundation established by previous plans and continue to identify investments that will pay off, not just for us but for our children and grandchildren.

To download a brochure about the 2017 Coastal Master Plan process, please click here.